How to Make Iced Coffee

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In the scorching summer heat, nothing can be more delightful and refreshing for caffeine addicts than iced coffee. However, buying iced coffee every day can be quite expensive. But thankfully, making iced coffee at home is a breeze and, in this article, we will discuss how you can make your own DIY iced coffee.

What Do You Need to Make Iced Coffee?

The ingredients needed to make iced coffee are simple and straightforward, and there are not many. You need some coffee beans, milk, sugar (optional), ice cubes, a container to cool the iced coffee in and one you can serve your coffee in. However, if you are in a mood for an iced frappe, then you will need a blender to make your iced coffee and flavourings such as caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, etc. If you want your iced coffee to be thick and creamy, then you can add some cream.

Can You Use Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee will work as long as the coffee is diluted and is in liquid form. It does not matter what kind of coffee you use to make iced coffee. However, if you are a coffee snob, then you may want to use proper brewed coffee. And, if you want to make an easy, quick and convenient iced drink, then even your regular coffee granules will work.

How to Make Iced Coffee

Using a Blender

  • Using a blender, you can make your iced coffee on par with any cool coffee shop.
  • In your blender, add a cup of coffee that has been freshly brewed, add a quarter cup of milk and some crushed cubes of ice.
  • Add your favourite flavourings if you wish and blend it for around 8 to 12 seconds, till you get a thick, frothy brew.
  • Serve your delicious iced coffee in a glass and enjoy the cool and refreshing drink!

Without Using a Blender

If you don’t have a blender at hand or you don’t want to use one, you can still enjoy an iced coffee. However, making one from scratch will take time, so it pays to be patient.

  • Brew your hot coffee or make your coffee by dissolving the coffee granules in hot water. Make the brew really strong because when you add the milk and ice, it will get diluted.
  • If you want your iced coffee sweet, then add some sugar before the coffee cools.
  • Pour the coffee into a container and let it cool for an hour.
  • Then, move the coffee to your refrigerator and let it chill for around 2-3 hours.
  • Pour the chilled coffee in a tall glass, add some milk or cream and ice cubes, stir well and serve.

So, now that you have your iced coffee ready, sit back in your lounger and enjoy the yummy invigorating brew.

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