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Monthly Coffee Bean Subscription


Roaster’s Coffee Subscription

We choose, you enjoy!

Let our expert roasters pick their favourite coffee of the month and then we will ship it to you in one of our handy 400g letterbox sized boxes straight through your door each month.

Personalised Coffee Subscription

You choose, we roast!

If you know what you want each month then select your grind preference and your favourite beans and we will ship the coffee each month through your front door in our handy letterbox size 400g box.

Select options£9.25 / month
Select options£9.95 / month
Select options£9.95 / week
Select options£9.95 / 2 weeks
Select options£10.95 / month
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Looking for a Monthly Coffee Bean Subscription? Speciality coffee, freshly roasted and delivered through your door weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Found the gourmet coffee of your choice?  Subscribe to our customer choice package and never run out of your favourite cup again.

Why Join Our Coffee Bean Subscription Service

Once you’re in the Tank Coffee Club, you’ll never want out. In addition, subscription customers will enjoy a loyalty discount.

What is Customer Choice?

Each delivery, you’ll receive your choice of our freshly roasted single-origin, espresso, or decaf coffee to your home or work. Delivered in our unique 400g boxes, you’ll discover it’s the best way to regularly receive exceptional, high quality coffees from coffee farmers and co-operatives of eastern and central Africa. Just let us know whether you’d prefer your Tank Coffee ground or as whole beans!

What Makes Tank Coffee Different?

We roast in small batches so our coffee doesn’t sit on a shelf for months on end. We’re the antidote to bland, mass-market, mass-produced coffee. And you can taste the difference. Once you’ve experienced coffee as it really should be, you’ll never go back. We deliver our hand-roasted coffee in 400g every month, ensuring that you receive great value, wonderfully tasting gourmet coffee every month.

How Coffee Should Be!

When you join Tank Coffee Club, you will benefit from freshly roasted coffee that we’ve made ourselves in our roaster (you can chat to the Master Roaster if you want), and it’s been roasted with great care by hand.

The benefits of Tank Monthly Coffee Subscription

  1. FREE delivery to home or work every month with our specially designed boxes that easily fit through your letterbox
  2. Great value; with our 400g boxes, you’ll receive more for your money, gourmet single-origin coffee delivered every month.
  3. Never run out of freshly roasted coffee again.
  4. Experience the taste of exceptional gourmet coffees
  5. Directly support our coffee-farming communities
Bean Type

Ground for Aeropress, Ground for Cafetière, Ground for Chemex, Ground for Espresso Machine, Ground for Filter Machine, Ground for Stove Top, Whole Bean

Coffee Type

Burundi Ikawa Nziza, Burundi Micosta, Ethiopian Kana Yirgacheffe Decaffeinated, Tanzania Mount Meru, Yirgachefe Christmas Gift, Ethiopia Sidamo, Ethiopia Sidamo Swiss Water Decaffeinated, Kenya Ndimaini, The Glory of Africa, Tanzania Ruvuma, Burundi Ngozi, Cameroon Hosnia, Kickstart Gourmet Espresso, Espresso Africa


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