Ever had that sinking feeling after buying something online, only to realise it’s not what you wanted? You’re not alone. Our returns policy at Tank Coffee Ltd is here to turn that frown upside down.

We’ll guide you through sending stuff back, making the process as smooth as a well-brewed espresso. Keep reading – help’s on the way!

Introduction to Returns Policy

Buying coffee online should be as enjoyable and hassle-free as drinking it. At Tank Coffee Ltd, we get this. That’s why our returns policy is designed with your peace of mind at its heart.

Whether your order wasn’t quite what you expected or there’s been a hiccup with delivery, we’ve got a clear path laid out for making things right.

Conditions for Returns

Here are the bits you need to know:

1. Cooling Off Period: Live in the European Union? Good news! You have 14 working days from when your goodies arrive to change your mind.

2. Exceptions: There are some items like custom roasts or anything perishable that can’t come back to us once they’ve left – just so you’re aware.

3. When Things Go Wrong: If there’s an issue because something arrived damaged or not how it should be, we cover all costs involved in getting it back and sorting out a refund.

Contact Information for Returns

Ready to make a return? Here’s how:

– First up, drop us an email at [email protected] or give us a ring on 01942 732823 so we can chat about next steps.

– Then pack up your return securely (just like how it arrived) and address it over to Unit 1, Acorn Business Centre, Butts St., Leigh WN7 3DD.

We’re here every step of the way; quick emails, prompt refunds and friendly advice – it’s all part of the service at Tank Coffee Ltd because no one needs extra hassle with their cuppa!