Fancy computers can’t roast coffee like a dude in an apron can.




Our roaster is called Garth. And he takes pride in every batch. That’s why, if you’re not completely happy with our coffee for whatever reason, not only will Garth take a long, hard look at himself, we’ll replace it free of charge or, if you prefer, give you a full refund.

Our Roastery is located in the heart of post-industrial Greater Manchester, situated between Manchester and Liverpool, nestled away by the Bridgewater canal. We roast our speciality Arabica coffee in the shadows of the historic spinning mills, great red brick behemoths, and constant reminders of our industrial and crafting heritage.

We strive to put the same hard work, time, and dedication into our craft.

Say hello to Grace Her name is Grace, that’s the roaster. And she’s a beauty. Not only is she shiny, she smells lovely, especially when she’s delicately roasting Tank Coffee beans. It was love at first sight.

Garth, our head roaster, has lovingly cared for Grace ever since she arrived from Turkey. We’ve made her feel right at home and put her to work almost immediately. And remember, Grace only ever roasts to order.

Your coffee, whether it’s whole beans or ground (just how you like it), is always delivered as fresh as can be.

Garth & Grace

Garth has spent some long days and even longer evenings, nestled away in the Tank Coffee Roastery, mastering the art of roasting and crafting a truly special coffee. He’d be the first to admit, there’s plenty more to learn in order to capture that perfect roast. Even now, Garth and Grace continue to strengthen their relationship. They’re getting to know and understand each other at levels, the likes of which, you and I can only contemplate.garth4