Espresso Africa – (400g)


Suitable for Espresso machines… surprisingly!

Can also be used in good ol’ fashioned stove top mocha pots.

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We give you more: We sell larger 400g bags not 227g commonly found in the supermarket

A delicious, well-balanced blend with a firm velvety body, Espresso Africa has become a favourite blend for many of Tank’s favourite businesses, cafes, and restaurants.

It delivers a smooth latte, a delicious cappuccino, and of course an amazing espresso hit with all the fruity complexity you’d expect from the African continent.

A winning coffee to serve to guests, and something we suspect may become a cheeky wee treat for you on a daily basis…

So come on, give Espresso Africa a try today.

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Ground for Filter Machine, Ground for Cafetière, Ground for Aeropress, Ground for Chemex, Ground for Stove Top, Ground for Espresso Machine, Whole Bean


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