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Tank Coffee for Businesses

Discover how Tankcoffee can benefit your business.

Provide your customers with a mouth watering experience that’s sure to leave them wanting more.

We supply our delicous coffees to supermarkets, farm shops, pubs, cafes and deli’s across the UK. Our coffees can be supplied as ground, whole bean, or a mixture to suit the tastes of your customers.

We also offer a bespoke blending service. You get to spend time with our master roaster, cupping and choosing your own unique blend of espresso from our gourmet bean range. Your fresh blend is then supplied in your own attractively designed 1kg or 227g bags for you to supply direct to your customers.

Tankcoffee can provide your business with a range of coffee and espresso machines, including Fracino and Bravilor.

You want the coffee but have no machine? Not to worry, we can help with that too.

We co-ordinate with businesses to have the ideal machine for your requirements delivered, installed, and serviced at your convenience. We offer the full range of Fracino and Bravilor machines. Any barista and machine training that your business requires, can also be provided by tankcoffee.

We have two distinct espresso blends to work with your machines and we will deliver whole beans, or ground coffee to suit your needs.

We take the same ethical outlook and approach to business, as we do with our farmers.

We ensure that our African farmers are paid a fair wage for their wonderful Arabica beans; so that you can provide great tasting, fresh coffee to your customers and staff and know that the farmers at the start of the chain are rewarded for their handwork and dedication.

For every kilo of coffee we sell, we contribute towards our African projects that support the farming communities who work hard to produce the delicous coffee we sell.

Talk to us about the exciting possibilities.

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