Different Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

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Coffee is a very popular beverage and is consumed widely across the globe. And, usually, after people brew their coffee, the grounds are often thrown into the trash. However, the next time that you’re about to throw away the grounds, consider these clever ways of putting the used coffee grounds to good use.

Garden Fertiliser

Now you can simply use coffee grounds as fertilizer in your garden instead of store-bought fertilizer. You can either sprinkle the coffee grounds around your plants or mix warm water and half a cup of coffee grounds in a spray bottle and make a fertilizer mist for your plants.

In Compost

Throwing in the coffee grounds into your compost heap can help to stabilise the pH level. This helps to degrade the food faster and more uniformly. The aroma of the coffee can also help to mask the odour of the compost.

Bug Repellent

If you want to keep insects and pests away, then used coffee grounds can do the trick. Sprinkling dry coffee grounds along your home’s foundation or putting the grounds in bowls and setting them out on your patio can help prevent bugs and insects.

Food for Worms

Worms eat coffee grounds. So, if you keep worms to use as bait or use them for vermicomposting, then adding used coffee grounds to the garbage or dirt can help the worms to live longer.

Eliminate All Odours

Put the coffee grounds on a baking sheet and dry them. Then, put the grounds in a bowl and place it in your fridge or freezer to eliminate all odours. Another great use for coffee grounds is to put them into pantyhose and put it into your garbage bin to remove the odours and keep it smelling fresh.

Repairing Scratches

If there are scratches on your dark wood, you can use coffee grounds to hide them. Make a paste by mixing some coffee grounds with warm water and rub the paste over the scratches. Then, wipe off with a towel. The coffee grounds will darken the wood and make the scratches less noticeable.

Food Flavouring

You can use coffee grounds instead of fresh coffee in your recipes and they work quite well. To get some added flavour, you can add some used grounds in your chocolate-based recipes.

Face and Body Scrub

You can use coffee grounds for your beauty routine too. You can use the used coffee grounds instead of a store-bought exfoliator. The grounds are abrasive and help to remove dead skin naturally without causing any irritation to your skin. Rub the coffee grounds on your face and body and then rinse off with cool water to get glowing skin.

Hair Shine

Rubbing some coffee grounds into your hair can give it a nice glossy sheen. Simply rub some coffee grounds before your final rinse and then wash your hair with cold water.

Hand Odour Neutraliser

Often, when you cook with garlic or onions, it leaves a strong odour on your hands that even washing with soap cannot remove. After you finish your cooking, rub some coffee grounds and rinse off with cool water. This helps to remove the strong odour from your nails and hands.

Reusing coffee grounds not only helps you to be more environmentally friendly but it can also help you save money. Keep a container near your coffee pot and keep adding the used coffee grounds to it every day so that you have the grounds close at hand whenever you need them.

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