Using a Cafetiere

How to Use a Cafetiere

There are many ways to brew a cup of coffee, but some methods are better at extracting the rich flavour of the beans better than others. While traditional drip coffee is made by pouring nearly-boiling water through ground coffee beans, cafetiere, or “French press” coffee, fully immerses the grounds in hot water before plunging the …

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Christmas Traditions no. 7

  Germans have many Christmas traditions – the season of Advent that prepares for and leads up to the celebration of Christmas itself is important.  Advent calendars that count off each day from the beginning of December are popular, commonly hiding a treat or chocolate behind each numbered door or box.  Advent wreaths with four …

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Christmas Traditions No. 6

Dominican Republic of Congo ‘Mbotama Malamu’ is the Merry Christmas greeting spoken in Lingagla, the language of DRC.  The majority of people in DRS are Christian, celebrating Christmas as more of a religious festival than a commercial opportunity. Most people won’t exchange presents, though if they are afforded, they are at best a new set …

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