Christmas Traditions no. 7


Germans german-christmas-wreathhave many Christmas traditions – the season of Advent that prepares for and leads up to the celebration of Christmas itself is important.  Advent calendars that count off each day from the beginning of December are popular, commonly hiding a treat or chocolate behind each numbered door or box.  Advent wreaths with four candles are also popular – one for each week of Advent leading up to Christmas.





Christbaumgeback are homebakes of white dough that are shaped into decorations for the Christmas tree.  Outdoor Christmas markets are a popular tradition that have been exported to many European cities.  They are traditionally started on the last Friday before Advent and sell festive foods and decorations.


Children write letters to the Christkind translated as ‘Chgerman-christkindrist child’, though not meant to be the baby Jesus, but child with Christ-like qualities.  Traditionally a young girl with long blond hair is chosen from the community to represent this figure, dressed in white and gold.  They have the honour of performing various civic duties to for their local community like visiting hospitals or opening the Christmas market.

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