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Welcome to Seasonal Highlights

A friendly and informative section where we let you in our hints and tips for the best flavours to match the ever-changing, vibrant seasons.

Now that Summer is finally upon us, we’d thought that we’d let you know the tastes that we feel acknowledge this time of the year.

With the flowers in full bloom, the fruit ripe on the trees, the pleasant sun beating down, and the fresh, organic aura in the air, we want to compliment your senses this season.

We’ve carefully selected a few different gourmet coffees that we feel will give you that essential summer flavour.


Cameroon Hosnia


Our Cameroon Hosnia offers delicate and sweet thirst-quenching notes which will enrich your summer experience. The spirited hints of citrus are sure to put the zest back into your drink, and the spring back into your step. The perfect summer coffee

Burundi Ngozi

The Burundi Ngozi is a juicy number, brought to life with aromas of raisins and plums. The floral after taste it finishes with only seeks to further your enjoyment of this vibrant season. Indulge in this mouthwatering refreshment.

Ethiopia Sidamo



Complete Summer satisfaction is found within our ‘Great Taste Award’ winner, the Ethiopian Sidamo. This well rounded gourmet Arabica coffee is adored for it’s deep, gorgeous flavours which include its floral, jasmine scents. Designed to awaken your senses.

As always we love hearing from you guys, so please feel free to leave us a comment or even let us know which variety you enjoy most at this time of the year!

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