Coffee subscriptions and why to choose one

Why To Choose Coffee Subscriptions

Moving away from buying coffee from your local supermarket can bring lots of new and exciting coffee to your life. Instead of buying coffee that would of been roasted weeks or even months ago, you can now order coffee made to order that can be delivered right to your door.

Our coffee subscriptions at Tank is here to make sure you never run out of your favourite coffee again; your coffee subscription can be delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly. With coffee subscriptions, you will get the freshest coffee possible (unless you roast your own coffee).

It also means not having to worry about buying coffee, it is delivered right to your door and through your letter box. 

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Setting up your coffee subscription

Setting up your coffee subscription couldn’t be easier. It will take you just 30 seconds to choose your coffee, roughly 7 clicks. Just choose your bean type, your coffee flavour, the number of deliveries you would like and how often and your ready to go.

We deliver our coffee in 400g boxes too, instead of receiving the 227g like the supermarkets, you get more coffee for your money! Once we receive your order, your payments will leave automatically when your coffee is on its way, we will even tell you when your coffee should arrive (you don’t need to wait in, our coffee fits right through your letterbox!).

Managing your account

Managing your coffee subscriptions is a piece of cake too. If you are going away on holiday or away on business for a week, you can simply pause your subscription. Once your home, just simply start it again! If you do choose to start a coffee subscription with us, do not fear, you won’t be in a fixed contract. You can pause, change or cancel your subscription at any point.

At Tank, we have a variety of different coffees for you to try, but we know that not everyone will make coffee in the same way. Coffee subscriptions with us means you can choose how your coffee is ground. We have a range of different grinds from whole bean to being ground for stove top or espresso machine. 

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How Often Should I Order My Coffee?

We always recommend not bulk ordering or ordering too much at once. After roasting, coffee will start to lose its freshness and aroma after a while, so although ordering a lot of coffee in bulk so you have some in might seem like a good idea, you may find yourself with less fresh coffee. This is why we created TankCoffee, coffee straight from the roaster to your front door, roasted to order.

Remember we sell 400g bags instead of the 227g, meaning you get more coffee than your regular packs. For all our products we offer free delivery too! Meaning you don’t need to worry about spending all your money on delivery each time you order coffee.

So as soon as you order, we roast your fresh coffee, package it and send it out to you, making sure you receive the freshest coffee possible. Because that’s what Tank Coffees subscription is for!

I Have Just Received My Coffee, How Do I Keep It Fresh?

If you are one of your new subscribers and you’ve just received your first bag of coffee, you might be wondering how to keep your coffee at its freshest. Well, to lock in the flavour and aromas of the coffee there are a few things you can do. If you have a few weeks before your next delivery you will want to make sure the last cup is just as good as the first.

One way to keep your coffee tasting amazing is to keep your coffee out of direct sunlight. Keep it somewhere cool, preferably at room temperature and never put your coffee in the fridge. While it’s important to keep your grounds or beans somewhere cool, the fridge or freezer will create too much moisture in the package.

Moisture is one of coffee’s “biggest enemies. We do have a few hints and tips on how make your coffee the best it can be just here

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Are you ready? Lets do this!

Are you ready for your freshly roasted coffee to be delivered to your door? If you are, lets start your coffee subscription! We do have a range of coffees available all with different notes, you can browse them all here. If you just want to see which coffee you like best, we recommend our taster pack.

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