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Tankcoffee Cafetière


Introducing the new Tankcoffee Cafetières. Allowing you to enjoy great tasting Tankcoffee in the comfort of your own home; whether it be with family, friends, or whilst you’re having precious alone time.

Add our famous Taster Pack and use code: Autumn and get both for just £19.99!



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We know that you enjoy drinking your wonderfully tasting Tankcoffee; So we thought that’d we make it easier to enjoy all those full-bodied, ethically sourced flavours whether you’re at home or in the office.

Introducing the Tankcoffee Cafetière!

Made from stainless steel and designed to hold up to three cups of coffee, these bellied Cafetières are ideal for brewing your Tankcoffee.

These elegant Cafetières feature double walling, to keep your coffee hot and the exterior cool whilst you let your beverage brew, and are finished off in a stylish silver design.

We find that three fully-loaded heaped dessert spoons of Tankcoffee makes a great brew in these Cafetières, but feel free to add more if you prefer it stronger.

You can use your Tank Tokens that you find on our boxes of Single-origin and Espresso blend gourmet coffee to receive a discount on our Tankcoffee home products.

Customers with who have kept hold of their Tank Tokens (please find them attached to your tankcoffee postal boxes) are eligible to receive a discount on an elegant, double-walled stainless steel Tankcoffee Cafetière.

Just send in your Tank Tokens to the following address: 53 Church Street, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 1AY and please include your email address or return postal address to ensure you receive your voucher.

Coffee lovers that send in five tank tokens will receive a discount code to be redeemed for a brand new, elegant Tankcoffee Cafetière for only £15.50!

Coffee lovers that send in ten Tank Tokens will receive a discount code to be redeemed for a brand new, elegant Tankcoffee Cafetière for only £12.50!

*The RRP includes full delivery and VAT.

Discount coupons are limited to one use only.




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