Hi all,
Just thought I’d let you know that the Kenyan beans I ordered a couple of weeks ago are going down really well! Excellent beans and really well roasted.
I am using an ‘Aeropress’ and a Porlex mini hand grinder. Less than £50 for both and it’s better than anything I’ve ever tasted or used in the past for anything other than espresso.
Thanks to all you guys at Tank Coffee, really looking forward to trying the rest of the beans on offer.

Lee Newell,

Recently took delivery of our first Tankcoffee – Cameroon Hosnia Special beans – Wow! Taste just great thanks! It’s good to be able order online and know that the flat packs will be dropped through the letterbox in a few days time. Keep up the great work!

Tony Wright,

Just about to place my 3rd order for your excellent coffee 🙂
I would like to encourage my friends & family to support tank coffee. I will be giving out the taster packs as Christmas presents together with some tank coffee info.

Steve Allen,

I’m from Kenya and my dad and grand dad before him are coffee growers. I have always brought my own coffee from Kenya. This is the first time I have bought coffee outside Kenya and I love it! I love what your company does for the communities and I will recommend you to all my friends.

Irene Mbuntu-Austin,
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