Tanzania Mount Meru – (400g)

Tanzania Mount Meru – (400g)


“Clean, light citrus and lemon notes, sweet caramel with a vanilla finish”

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We give you more: We sell larger 400g bags not 227g commonly found in the supermarket

So good, we named it after a mountain.

Let’s hear it for Mount Meru! Kilimanjaro gets all the high-fives, so we’re biggin’ up this little fella. Mount Meru stands at over 4,500 metres, so it’s actually not that little. In its shadow, you’ll find the town of Arusha and not far from there, the Burka Estate, where this nicely balanced coffee comes from.

Enjoy light and rather dignified citrus and lemon notes as they give way to a delicious caramel flavour. Nothing overly complex here, but if you do happen to be looking, you may find black cherry juiciness and vanilla making a late appearance. It’s a great coffee that begs a second cup.

Coffee purist? The varietals are Red Bourbon N39 and Kent 423, grown at 1340-1470 metres above sea level. The ripe coffee cherries are delivered to the mill within six hours of being picked, where they’re graded, sorted, de-pulped and fermented underwater. They’re then placed onto raised drying beds. The drying period lasts until the moisture level in the coffee reaches 12% or lower, with regular turning, to ensure even rates of drying.

We’re delighted with this new addition to our single-origin range. We hope you’ll agree, especially as it’s freshly roasted, it’s a superb coffee to start your day. As always, let us know what you think.

Coffee has been growing on the Burka Estate since 1899. And if you love your coffee mild with a clean palate, you’ll love this handpicked, sun-dried beauty.

So please give Mount Meru a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Other Information:

Farm: Burka Estates, Arusha, Tanzania

Varietal(s): Mainly Red Bourbon (KP423, N39 sub varietals – other experimental lots are also grown)

Process: Fully Washed

Altitude grown: 1,340 – 1,470 metres above sea level

Town: Just outside the town of Arusha, in Northern Tanzania

Region: Arusha (Arumeru district). On the lower slopes of Mount Meru, not far from Mount Kilimanjaro

Country: Northern Tanzania

Total size of farm: 1,437 acres (of which 870 acres are coffee)

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