Ethiopian Kaffa Forest Decaffeinated – (400g)

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Ethiopian Kaffa Forest Decaffeinated – (400g)


A deliciously balanced and sweet coffee with floral notes, lime and milk chocolate.

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We give you more: We sell larger 400g bags not 227g commonly found in the supermarket

All the taste, none of the caffeine

Don’t be fooled. Despite the lack of caffeine, Kaffa Forest is a deliciously balanced and sweet coffee with floral notes, lime and milk chocolate.

Kaffa Forest Coffee is double-certified – Rainforest Alliance and Organic, the latter by BCS OKO of Germany.

The name coffee actually originates from Kaffa, with the Kaffa Forest itself boasting at least ten distinctive genetic varietals – it’s even rumoured to contain the original strains of Panama’s famous Geisha coffee.

The family-owned estate is 470km southwest of Addis Ababa in the highlands of the Kaffa region. The coffee is wild and natural and grows in an area of about 2,000 hectares, at an altitude of between 1,750 and 1,850 metres above sea level.

Around half of the land remains a natural forest with the coffee growing amongst the trees. These conditions provide incredible biodiversity and the coffee plants are nurtured by cool morning mists and a lush tropical canopy that provides protective shade from the midday sun. The soil is enriched with organic nutrients as the fallen tree leaves decay and in the process become a natural mulching agent.

The coffee forest provides permanent employment for 400 people. During the harvest this rises to between two and three thousand, depending on the size of the crop. To enable better management of the land and harvest, the estate has been divided into six micro-farms.

The handpicked coffee is washed and sun-dried. The trees flower in January to February and the washed coffees are harvested between August and December, and between January and March for the sun dried.

All processing takes place within the forest farm, though dry-milling and preparation for export takes place in Addis Ababa.


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